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Renewia, open innovation engineering company, is responsible for the management of projects in Italy and abroad, through a digital and systemic approach, with the aim of creating innovation and economic welfare .

Restart Land

Restart land is a project for the ecological transition of Italian Rural Heritage. The project idea originates from the concept of Land management.

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Renewia SPA and Teamsystem, a partnership of 110 and praise

Renewia SpA signed a partnership with TeamSystem, developing a digital platform to accomodate requests of assignament of receivables and tax credits by the clients of...

Ecobonus 2020: complete guide to benefits

The ecobonus 2020 consist of a range of special benefits that are implemented for construction projects aimed at energy efficiency, requalification of buildings and seismic compliance...

Place4me the bollards against abusive parking.

With the brand Place4me, Renewia produces, rents and puts on the market bollards against abusive parking.Place4me is a device made to ensure the protection of parking areas given to people...

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