Renewia turns your needs

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About us

Renewia SPA is an open innovation engineering company founded in Puglia, specifically in Taranto, where the concepts of restart and ristart are the basis of every city and territory relaunch.

Renewia proposes itself as an expert partner for every need of regeneration of territories for infrastructures, private and public, for energy, and services to the Community. Through strategic partnerships, acquisition and participation in successfull companies, Renewia coordinates different businesses all over the world, integrating them, creating synergies and economic wellbeing.

Business unit

Renewia operates in different sectors creating networks between the best realities on the market. Through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and participation in successfull companies, we coordinate different businesses integrating them, creating synergies and economic wellbeing. Business unit


The use of innovative technologies enables us to design and make products for environmental prevention.

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General Contractor

From big residential, commercial and hotel properties to private Healthcare and ONLUS

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Real Estate

Renewia specializes in interventions in the building, restoration and real estate sector.

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The projects of the agri-food businesses trigger virtuous circles, that enhance territory and economy.

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Our approach conjugates the digital essence with solutions of open innovation engineering.

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Renewia’s staff provides international consulting services to businesses in every phase.

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Digital Essence

Integrating different businesses through a digital approach, enables to develop culture, skills, well-being and safety. Renewia with the most advanced tools and the most recent technologies, offers integrated solutions with a high innovation content for the realization of systems and services to improve the safety and the ecological efficiency of territories.




We manage the customer experience in an analytical and flexible way. Our teams analyze the business needs and define the functional, digital and technical requirements for the turnkey realization of items, infrastructures, products and services.
With Renewia, thanks to the digital approach and the reinvention, it is possible to plan interventions in accordance with market expectations while respecting the environment.

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