The internationalization of a company means not only a higher commercial presence in foreign markets, but also strategic vision's change , where all company activities ( purchases, logistic, communication, human resources ,...) are managed and planned with an approach that will no longer be aimed at the "domestic" market, but will focus on the requirements for development at international level. 

Renewia's staff has an important knowhow and a recognized net expertise in foreign markets, and provides international consulting services to companies in every phase:

  • Market analysi;
  • Analysis of the main sales channels, the main business methods ( online/ offline), necessary investments for marketing and communication;
  • Search for potential partners: distributors, customers and suppliers with whom then build a long-term relationship
  • Support in the follow-up , in the legal and tax aspects, to identify the modes also societal for an eventual direct presence in the market ( branch, joint venture, acquisition of local businesses,...)
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